Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wiffle Ball Raises Nearly $23,000 !

Nearly $23,000 was raised last weekend during the third annual Jake Hodge Foundation Wiffle Ball Tournament at Princeton’s Little Busch Stadium.

The ball field, a near perfect 23-percent downsized replica of the St. Louis stadium, is located at the home of Ken and Dr. Katie Parker, philanthropists have have helped spearhead the foundation’s largest yearly fundraiser. The foundation provides college scholarships to students in four area counties – Crittenden, Caldwell, Lyon and Livingston. 

The The McCrew of Princeton beat The Crittenden Free Press in
 the championship game on Sunday and The McCrew’s Conner McEneney was named MVP. There were 16 teams in the tournament. The Crittenden Free Press also led all participating teams in fundraising with more than $3,000 donated toward the effort. 

About 350 people attended the Friday night opening ceremony where more than $14,000 was raised. 

The foundation is named for the late Jake Hodge, the son of Crittenden County teachers and coaches Shannon and Denis Hodge. He died in 2008 and the family established the foundation as a legacy to his faith-based life and way to reach and help children in the surrounding communities. 

Crittenden Free Press def Kents Crew 7-3
Team 11  def Kings of Crash  4-3
KnuckleHeads def The Squad 12-0
Crittenden Free Press def Team to be Named Later 11-2
Kents Crew def Team to be Named Later 13-7
G G Warriors def The Squad 8-6
Fredonia Boys def Rally Squirrels 12-3
G G Warriors def KnuckleHeads 9-5
McCrew def kings of Crash 3-2 (Extra Innings)
Outlaws def 12 U Marion Bobcats 11-1
Fredonia Boys def Bone Collectors 7-6
Outlaws def Akridge Amazing Aces 5-2
Rally Squirrels def Bone Collectors 4-2
12U Marion Bobcats def Akridge Amazing Aces 9-0
McCrew def Team 11 8-3

#4 Fredonia def #5 G G Warriors 7-4
#2 Crittenden Free Press def 7-3
#1 McCrew def #4 Fredonia Boys 1-0

#1 McCrew def #2 Crittenden Free Press 7-4

Thursday, May 7, 2015

JHF annual Wiffle Ball Tournament will be BIG!

Jake Hodge 2015 Schedule
There are 5 divisions. Division winners will advance to playoffs on Sunday. Teams with best division record will advance. In the event of a tie, the team with most funds raised will advance. NO CLEATS!!Click here for rules
Friday August 7
6:00 pm 10U Wildcats v 8U Wildcats (Exhibition Game)
6:45 pm Opening Ceremonies
7:00 pm Aztecs vs Crittenden Free Press
7:45 pm Team 11 vs Kings of Crash
8:30 pm KnuckleHeads vs The Squad
9:15 pm Crittenden Free Press vs Team To Be Named Later
Saturday August 8
10:30 am Aztecs vs Team to Be Named Later
11:30 am GiGi Warriors vs The Squad
12:30 am Rally Squirrels vs Fredonia
1:30 am GiGi Warriors vs KnuckleHeads
2:30 pm McCrew vs Kings Of Crash
3:15 pm HR Derby
3:45 pm 12U Bobcats vs Outlaws
4:45 pm Bone Collectors vs. Fredonia
5:45 pm Akridge Amazing Aces vs Outlaws
6:45 pm Bone Collectors vs Rally Squirrels
7:45 pm 12U Bobcats vs Akridge Amazing Aces
8:45 pm Team 11 vs McCrew
Sunday August 9
Playoff Rounds
1:30 #4 vs #5 (Winner plays #1 Seed)
2:30 #2 vs #3 (Winner to Championship)
3:30 #1 vs Winner of #4 v #5
4:30 Championship

Friday, February 27, 2015

Start getting a team ready!

The third annual Jake Hodge Memorial Wiffle Ball Tournament will be held June 19-21 at Little Busch Stadium in Princeton. Start your fundraising now and let's have a big time with this benefit in mind.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's Scholarship Application Time!

Don't forget to get your scholarship applications in by April 1.

Either have them postmarked by that date, or delivery by hand to The Crittenden Press office in Marion, Ky.