Thursday, May 7, 2015

JHF annual Wiffle Ball Tournament will be BIG!

Jake Hodge 2015 Schedule
There are 5 divisions. Division winners will advance to playoffs on Sunday. Teams with best division record will advance. In the event of a tie, the team with most funds raised will advance. NO CLEATS!!Click here for rules
Friday August 7
6:00 pm 10U Wildcats v 8U Wildcats (Exhibition Game)
6:45 pm Opening Ceremonies
7:00 pm Aztecs vs Crittenden Free Press
7:45 pm Team 11 vs Kings of Crash
8:30 pm KnuckleHeads vs The Squad
9:15 pm Crittenden Free Press vs Team To Be Named Later
Saturday August 8
10:30 am Aztecs vs Team to Be Named Later
11:30 am GiGi Warriors vs The Squad
12:30 am Rally Squirrels vs Fredonia
1:30 am GiGi Warriors vs KnuckleHeads
2:30 pm McCrew vs Kings Of Crash
3:15 pm HR Derby
3:45 pm 12U Bobcats vs Outlaws
4:45 pm Bone Collectors vs. Fredonia
5:45 pm Akridge Amazing Aces vs Outlaws
6:45 pm Bone Collectors vs Rally Squirrels
7:45 pm 12U Bobcats vs Akridge Amazing Aces
8:45 pm Team 11 vs McCrew
Sunday August 9
Playoff Rounds
1:30 #4 vs #5 (Winner plays #1 Seed)
2:30 #2 vs #3 (Winner to Championship)
3:30 #1 vs Winner of #4 v #5
4:30 Championship