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My name is Denis Hodge.

I am the father of Jake Hodge.

I was born in Salem, Kentucky in 1968 and was raised in Marion, Kentucky. I attended Crittenden County High School where I presently teach and coach. While in school at Crittenden, God blessed me greatly at the age 12 when I became a Christian. In high school, I started dating Shannon Collins, who is now my wife. I am so blessed to have a wonderful Christian wife who has always shared Christ with our children.

I am proud to say I am member of the 1985 Crittenden County State championship football team. After high school, I played baseball at Eastern Kentucky University and obtained a degree in physical education. Upon graduation from EKU, I married my high school sweetheart Shannon Collins and joined the United States Army. I served three years and became an Army Ranger.

Shannon and I moved back home to Marion, Kentucky to start a family. We joined Marion Baptist Church where I serve as a deacon. Shannon has given me two wonderful children, Jake and Jessi. Shannon and I love children. She coaches the girls' basketball team and I coach football and baseball.

I feel God leading me to make myself available to speak to others about how to live. The death of Jake in June 2008 has taught me less about death and more about how to live. If I can help children, parents, teachers, coaches or others, that's my mission. I want to do that.

Denis Hodge
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