Jake Hodge Memorial Scholarship Guidelines

Will go to successful applicants from each of the following entities:
Crittenden County High School
Livingston County High School
Caldwell County High School
Lyon County High School
Trigg County High School
Kentucky High School Rodeo

Application Deadline April 1 every year

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Tribute: The scholarship was established by friends and family of Jake Hodge. The award is made possible through the generosity of many individuals, sports teams and businesses. Jake Hodge was 12 years old when he died in his sleep. An outstanding athlete, good student and Christian, Hodge touched many lives during his short time on earth. His legacy will continue through this scholarship and a companion outreach program.

Application: Applicants should review these guidelines, complete the application form, draft the required essay and submit two letters of recommendation (It is highly recommended that at least one letter be from a former JHF scholarship recipient) to be considered for this scholarship. These forms are available from the high school guidance departments at Crittenden, Lyon, Livingston, Trigg and Caldwell counties. It's also available online at 

Eligibility: Graduating seniors from Kentucky high schools in Crittenden, Lyon, Livingston, Trigg and Caldwell counties are eligible to apply for the scholarship without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, or disability. Applications will be ranked using the following priorities: (i) essay reflecting strong character and personal initiative, (ii) recommendations sighting attributes such as positive roll model, mentor, advocate or leader, with weight given to those who volunteer their time and stewardship to benefit the foundation's mission and fundraising efforts, including volunteering at foundation events such as the JHF Wiffle Ball Tournament, (iii) references indicating a team spirit in the classroom, on an athletic field or other extracurricular association, (iv) students having a grade point average (GPA) between 2.5 and above and motivated to succeed academically at an institution of higher learning and (v) applicants needing financial assistance. Members of the Hodge family and all relatives of donors who contribute more than two percent of the scholarship fund’s assets, are ineligible to receive a scholarship from the Jake Hodge Memorial Fund. In addition, the scholarship committee members, including their spouses, children, adopted children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews are prohibited from applying or receiving any scholarship, grant or financial award from the fund.

Essay: An essay serves as the primary evaluation tool for this award. In this paper, the applicants are asked to identify and describe in detail their most significant character trait(s) and to site examples of this/these attribute(s). The applicants should also address how the scholarship will benefit them in life based on their aspirations, educational and career goals. Also, include one extra curricular activity or volunteer project and how it has contributed to your career goals or personal development. The composition should be typed and be from three to four double-spaced pages.

Review Committee: Scholarship candidates shall be selected by the Jake Hodge Memorial Scholarship Committee.

Review Process: Students are required to submit the application packet to the scholarship committee by March 15 of each year. The scholarship committee will have four weeks to review the applications, conduct interviews if necessary and hold a determination meeting to recommend awards. Awards will be made at Class Night at the respective schools.

Payment of Awards: Upon formal acceptance of the award, payment is made at the beginning of the academic term (quarter or semester), once the scholarship fund has received official proof of registration as a full or part-time student. Distributions will not be made until the scholarship committee receives the signed letter of acceptance provided by the fund, and certified proof of enrollment from the institution. Checks are made directly to the financial administration office at the college or institution. No distribution will be made to any individual for any reason.

Responsibility of Recipient: Each scholarship recipient is responsible for fulfilling requirements for admission to the educational institution of his or her choice based on the limitations of these guidelines. The scholarship recipient must enter a post-secondary institution no later than the fall term following their selection. The scholarship will not be recognized as an obligation of the scholarship fund if the recipient has not utilized the award within six months after graduation. Moreover, recipients not completing the full academic term must request the school to reimburse the scholarship fund for any funds eligible for refund because of separation from the academic program.

Assumptions: The Jake Hodge Memorial Scholarship Fund Guidelines are not a contract. No obligation or liability of any kind will be imposed upon a scholarship recipient; nor will any obligation or liability be assumed by the scholarship fund or the scholarship committee, except as expressly stated in this document.

Click here for a PDF Application Form
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